About Vizsla Breed

About Vizsla Breed

  • “Velcro Dogs” – Vizslas are extremely affectionate family dogs. They want to live inside with the family and go where the family go’s (walks, trips to store, etc).

  • Require exercise – The AKC characterizes the Vizsla as a high energy and medium sized breed. In our experience they must be exercised twice a day and that does not include just a walk around the block. This can include long walks, swimming with people/other dogs, running (after first year and Vet approval), fetch at the park, etc.

  • Great temperament – barks very seldom…this is for sure a plus!

  • Short Coat – Vizsla’s really do not shed much

  • Hunting Breed – without any training these dogs have natural hunting instincts. If you choose to train your dog for hunting it is important to locate a trainer with experience in training the Vizsla breed. Vizsla’s do not respond well to harsh training methods.
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